Talent Management

Talent Management

At SpadezMPR we pride ourselves on crossing boarders and Industries, connecting cultures, and understanding everyone we come across.

While our primary focus includes Art, Media, Sports, Entertainment and corporate businesses or individuals, we work with these individuals by going beyond managing or booking them for a gig to creating an infrastructure to help support their brand goals or personal dreams. Our team work tirelessly to ensure our personalities and talents are well-positioned to dominate within their various industries.

For your next project, you will need one of our talents, get in touch with our team today and see how we can help.

A & R

Our responsibility is to find new musical artist for a record label or music publisher as its new act, we also represent the artist’s interests within a larger organization. We spend most of our time listening to music, scouring clubs, reading blogs, watching social media, and tracking industry buzz on the hunt for promising new musical artists.


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