Working with thousands of business companies around the world for Ideas

For your product to stand out, you will have to plan a block buster trade show or activation and we understand your need to provide value for your target audience and to differentiate yourself from your competition.

We create cutting edge marketing activations and campaigns that will leave your target audience wanting more. From your offline or online product launch and activation, we will be there to make sure you achieve your marketing goals.

We plan products and brand reveals on behalf of our clients. From the conception to the reveal implementation, we work to see that our client’s expectations are superseded so much so that we ace the stride.

Leaflet distribution

As a PR company, one of the major services we provide is marketing. We provide leaflet and flyer distribution which we believe is one of the most cost-effective and best forms of advertising. We handle street distribution, door to door distribution, car drop, roller skater’s distribution and we ensure that your leaflets reach the right target audience using a client’s exclusive distribution strategy.


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