From Unknown To Known: Why Today’s Businesses Need To Be Out There

Technology no doubt is a disruptor. It has changed in no small way the landscape of how businesses are established, built, advertised and accepted by clients and customers. Contract papers can now be signed within seconds over long distances. Parents and teachers do not necessarily need to meet face-to-face to discuss the best learning platform for their children. This can be done via digital platforms. Industries like fashion and styling, food processing, logistics and haulage, banking and finance, civic engagement and citizen participation, travel and tourism, transportation and communication, including sales and marketing, business meetings and recruitment, workplace productivity and leisure have seen first-hand the incredible things that can happen when digital solutions and platforms are infused in daily human activities.

A recent study by HubSpot mentioned that there are over 4 billion internet users around the world who visit or use social media platforms and communication apps for interaction and business connection. With that, businesses have immense pool of people to talk about what they offer or do. Nothing comes handy and effective like integrating digital advertising in today’s businesses.

Beyond the popular buzz about “digital marketing”, “digital marketers “and online advertising”, do businesses really need to be out there?  Are there specific reasons why businesses – small, medium and large- need to leverage digital platform for growth and revenue sustenance? What exactly is digital marketing and how effective can is it in today’s tough competitive global market?

This is what I believe: digital marketing is important because it acts as a bridge that connects business with (potential) customers and the people that know them when they are online, saving cost and traditional door-to-door marketing man-hours. This approach to business sales and marketing has made “getting the word out there” a must thing to do if today’s businesses must survive and thrive.

Every business, no matter the industry, needs digital marketing and must see same as a serious vehicle worthy of adopting. This ultimately will attract and keep customers. Are there other benefits of adopting digital marketing and online advertising beyond just attracting and keeping customers? I think there are – a lot of them actually. Here are a few of them

  • Ability to EXPAND BRAND AWARENESS beyond your current borders.

The world is getting interconnected more and more by the day. Customer loyalty is waning at rapid speed and not most businesses can keep up to growing customer demands. With digital marketing tools like Google My Business, a business in Cape Town, South Africa can expand their visibility beyond their boundaries by adding important business information like categories of products or services offered, business description, pictures of business premises, open and closing hours, and updates on public holidays, contact details and map-driven business address. This not only makes it easier for businesses to get found easily but helps customers make quick purchase decisions.

As more and more consumers use digital devices to shop and make payment, digital marketing will become even more important. People will continue to look for more specific businesses that they can reach easily like looking for a local Italian restaurant while on the bus or researching the best vacuum cleaner when their current vacuum breaks. This is one of many importance of adopting digital marketing.

  • Ability to ENLARGE CUSTOMER BASE beyond the current number.

More modern consumers are now online searching and checking out the brand to deal with or businesses to patronize. Today’s customer is increasingly moving toward a more digital experience when making purchase decisions. Only businesses that have adopted and integrated digital marketing effective will be found easily and without hassle. Renowned search engines like Google remain the most popular channel for product and service search. Customers frequent the Google search engine everyday for vital information about pricing, nutritional makeup, background check for potential investors, competitor research, store location and other things they consider important on their purchase journey. Staying online, therefore, will help potential customers know who to do business with and who they shouldn’t do business with. Most importantly, having more search results on the Google query increases brand trust and ultimately the number of customer base.

A study from Blue Nile Research shows “that between 79 percent and 82 percent of consumers use search, brand websites and customer reviews for research and that between 14 and 25 percent use social, mobile and blogs to discover new solutions, products, and brands.” Adopting digital marketing not only helps you expand brand awareness, it can also draw clients and customers towards your business when they search a popular phrase, word, sentence or question. It makes it possible for you not to miss out on an opportunity to expand your customer base.

  • Ability to ENGAGE AFFORDABLE ADVERTISING BUDGET at fewer prices than traditional advertising costs.

Digital marketing is more affordable when compared to traditional marketing. Even the big brands with large advertising budget still explore possible ways of making the most of digital marketing. No one can argue that digital marketing is not both affordable and effective for today’s businesses and consumer behaviour. Nowadays, it is imperative for businesses to reach out to broader audience through email, social media platforms, mobile ads, add-ins, and strategic SEOs at only a fraction of the price that it costs to produce and distribute print advertising or develop and place ads on prominent radio stations or television channels.

Not only can digital marketing be more affordable, but they also often offer an attractive ROI for business owners. In fact, available research shows that content and email marketing costs 3 times less than some traditional marketing channels. This makes it easier for businesses that leverage digital marketing and very effective at it to record a 13 times more likelihood to experience a positive return on investment. Overall, digital marketing, you can get more for your money.

By investing in digital marketing, brands and business gain a positive ROI over time which makes optimization easier for their marketing budget. Most importantly, one cannot ignore the flexibility twist that help brands prioritize relevant advertising campaign above others so as to effectively allocate budget for ads that matter most to the businesses. Advertising platforms like Google Ads, Meta for Business, LinkedIn Ads and others, offer flexibility and optimization for advertising campaigns.

  • Ability to EXPLORE ADVERTISING MERICS AND ANALYTICS in real-time unlike traditional advertising.

It is easy to track and monitor your digital campaigns. It is even vital that today’s businesses show have a way of tracking the performance of their marketing campaigns. This helps brands see what is working and what isn’t regarding their initiated advertising campaign. With this information, companies can keep an eye on the ad campaign that did well, compare the metrics with others that didn’t do much well and look thoroughly at better ways of enhancing efficiency in the next advertising campaign.

With easy-to-use digital marketing analytics tools in Meta Business and Twitter plus other helpful software, businesses can even test different ad content to see what suit their target audience and campaign goal. Whereas traditional marketing tactics require you to wait until the campaign has run its course to review what worked and what didn’t, digital marketing analytics tools allow you to see how your campaigns are performing in real-time and make adjustments to your campaigns in the moment.

Overall, the ability to track and monitor your digital marketing campaign success closely allows brands to get more out of their marketing budget. With real-time analytics you can effectively re-strategize and re-purpose the organization’s online marketing efforts to a more précised and focused direction.

In Conclusion, adopting digital marketing in today’s unstable business environment is the right thing to do especially when one considers the number of new businesses that increases every day and the speed of mobile penetration across emerging and developed economies.  Adopting and integrating digital marketing in a company’s everyday business activity isn’t just a buzzword but one of the best decisions that today’s entrepreneurs and business owners must make. Reaching out and working with the best hands like Spadez MPR is certainly the most amazing thing to do.

Obike Chima – Lead, Digital Marketing


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