Canva VS Others: A Gen Z’s Perspective On Graphics Design

Some traditional graphics designers are pissed off with the Canva Community because just anyone with a phone and a dash of creativity can become proficient in graphics designs. They have gone ahead to say that just because you can use the app doesn’t make you a “Real” graphics designer.

First of all, let’s get all our facts straight; who is a “real” graphics designer?

A graphics designer is a professional within the graphics design and graphics industry who assembles together images, topography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. A graphics designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising.

Let’s go further to highlight who a Canva Professional is. Canva is an Australian graphics design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use and manipulate to get their desired results. A Canva Professional is one who paid for the pro version of Canva and uses it to make graphics designing even more fun and easy.

I think this is why the “real” graphics designers are pissed, they see how easy Canva made it for todays graphics designers, the singular fact that from one tap of my finger I can make the background of a picture disappear without having to mask or layer anything. They are allowed to be angry because imagining spending 6 Business days learning how to remove background with photoshop, Corel draw and all the others, only to find out that a technology has come out that does this in split seconds, their sentiments are very understandable.

I quit using mainstream graphics design applications twice in a roll in the space of 4 years. Back then, I accepted that I was the problem and was either to lazy to improve myself on those applications or I just wasn’t determined enough to become a pro graphics designer. Although I had a ton of ideas for all sorts of graphics design, bringing them to life was my biggest problem due to how somewhat complex these mainstream applications were.

Canva came riding on wings like an Angel to save my desire to become that graphics designer but done with smart work and not necessarily hard work. You know what they say about giving a lazy man work to do, he’d find the easiest way to get it done. “The end” they say “justifies the means.”

With a few clicks I can achieve your desired graphics design while still expressing my maximum creativity just in an easier and more efficient way. I believe that is all that matters.

In conclusion, with Canva I can do so much more than just design graphics, I can also become a social media manager with ease; brand SME’s in real time, become a social media influencer, produce memes faster, create video content more conveniently for various brands and businesses, the list can go on and that’s as real as being a graphics designer can get.

I guess that settles the whole argument, what do you think?

Ugochi Obi-Obasi – Design Specialist (Canva)


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