About Us

About Spadez

Dedicated to Your Future Success

SpadezMPR offers strategic solutions to our clients and harnesses our collective expertise to push forward our vision to be “The Bridge” between various industries and sectors.

Our PR team provides B2B PR for corporate clients and B2C PR for entertainment and lifestyle clients. We also offer digital PR and content creation, internal communications, copywriting, project, and event management.

Our Digital team provides social media marketing, content production, search engine optimization, paid search, and email marketing.

Our management team provides consultancy on brand Reputation, and brand development with tools set in place to measure and track growth and monitor that of your competitors.


Company Core Values

Progress is never achieved by standing still. We believe in helping our clients that the steps they need in order to grow while holding on to our values of Truth, Innovation, Creativity, Integration, Evolution, and Apadtation.

What We Stand For

Truth: Providing complete visibility and transparency into our client’s process, success, and sometimes failures, leading to strength and stability. 

Innovation: Bringing strategic and breakthrough ideas to life for our clients, in response to their corporate expectations.

Creativity: Constantly surprising our clients and their target audience with clever, inventive ideas infused with storytelling.

Integration: Always seeking for that missing piece to complete the puzzle…to reveal the bigger picture.

Evolve and adapt: We always thrive to become better. Mistakes are part of a growth process and learning from them is priceless.


A Dedicated Team

Our Expertise Will Help You

We are a creative, energetic and strategic agency with the needed expertise to help your brand or business stand out. Our team includes experts in PR, Digital marketing, branding, marketing, management, graphic design, storytelling, communications, and Emotional Intelligence, plus digital, film, and creative photography production. We innovate across languages, cultures, time zones, and traditions to help each client build a sustainable brand with a global reach. Our team is what set us apart at SpadezMPR.


The Path We Take

Corporate Objective

SpadezMPR is a brand that understands and maximizes new age communication channels, media outreach, and engagement, with these we shall be achieving the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the Nigerian, African, and Diaspora Creative business ecosystem.
  • Leveraging technology to create a platform for skilled, informed, verified business deals and networks within the entertainment, Tourism, and Hospitality sectors.
  • Fostering business opportunities, growth initiatives, long-term residual income avenues for creatives, and relevant market sectors interfacing with the entertainment industry.
  • Create compelling content through storytelling, that will re-brand the Nigerian and African culture, its talents, disruptors, and innovators.
  • Become a resource bank for global brands, seeking to build into the Nigerian, African and local markets.
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